DryBuddy(TM)  Alarms
Shake&Vibrate(TM) Bed Shaker and Vibratory Alarm


  • The Shake&VibrateTM Bed Shaker and Vibrating alarm (SNV1) is designed to alert a sleeping or hearing impaired person by its powerful vibration. This reliable device is easy to use, and very effective. No batteries are needed.


  • Place the bed shaker under the sleeper's pillow, or between the bed mattress and its box spring. Placing under the user's pillow or cushion can help to not disturb your partner. Attach/plug it to any suitable 12V DC alarm device. When the alarm device is turned on, the bed shaker provides powerful vibrations. Turn the alarm device off to stop the bed shaker's vibrations.


  • Use either the barrel plug (1.5mm int. x 2.5mm ext.) or the adapter which converts to a 3/8 inch RCA telephone jack to attach to a 12V DC 400ma power supply. Easy and convenient flexibility to use with different devices. The Bed Shaker has a convenient size of approximately 3.5 inches (9 cms) diameter, 1 inch (2.5 cms) thick, 2 meters (78 inches) power cord. Black color. One year limited warranty.


  • This Bed Shaker can be used with a 110V-120V AC power source by also purchasing the DryBuddy 120V to 12V DC 500ma Power Supply (DB-PS120). This Power Supply has a barrel socket into which the Bed Shaker's barrel plug will fit. The Power Supply can then be plugged into an 110V-120V AC 60Hz power source (such as the electric line in a house in the U.S. and Canada). This Power Supply must be purchased as a separate item. The Bed Shaker and Power Supply can be conveniently purchased as a set at www.DryBuddy.com .


  • The Bed Shaker, with its adapter (combined part # SBV1-A), can be used with a Rodger Wireless Bed Wetting Alarm Receiver to help wake the sleeping user, or with Telephones for the Hearing Impaired, Alarm clocks, etc. which provide a switched 12V DC 400mA power. With the separately purchased DryBuddy DB-PS120 Power Supply, this Bed Shaker can be used with the DryBuddy Bed Wetting Alarm Power Outlet, Doorbells and Alarms for the Hearing Impaired, Alarm clocks, etc. which provide a switched 110-120V 60Hz AC power.


  • The Shake&Vibrate Bed Shaker, the DB-PS120 Power Supply, and the Bed Shaker with Adaptor can be found at www.DryBuddy.com and its alarms.


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